>”We are the feet! We are the feet! Lalalalala!” –the lyrics of a song I made up with Maureen in fifth grade…man, I was cool.

This is not so much a well-reasoned metaphor as it is a word association that popped into my head while doing my devotions this afternoon. I was thinking and writing about a friend…

Let him not think he has lost everything…but believe that you can and will restore everything to him and more if only he accepts obedience to you. Lord, we are all like Job at some point or another, when the fire is at our feet and the question is asked, “Will you still follow?” And you know my answer is yes even though it’s darn hard to walk on burnt feet, but that’s when you carry us, God. Help me to be a firewalker, “With feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace” (Ephesians 6:15)–the foundation on which I can “stand firm” (v. 14).

I remember reading about firewalking in a book about unsolved mysteries I had as a kid. It’s a ritual practiced in traditional cultures around the world for thousands of years, more recently co-opted by American motivational speakers and corporate team-building exercises. The ritual involves walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones and is used rites of healing, initiation, and faith.
In most cases, it is simply a matter of the stones’ relatively poor heat conductivity, but you still have to walk quickly. “Hesitate, and you get burned.” I remember that exact line from the book I read as a kid.

I am pathologically indecisive, so making the decision to stay at OSU for grad school has taken a lot of anxiety out of my life. A lot of times indecision is more paralyzing and scary than any possible consequences of choosing either way, and I think I see this in the friend I was writing about above, only he’s made a choice that I don’t agree with and has hurt me a lot. I guess I do have to respect him for making and sticking to that choice…but it is still possible to make a different choice…

My hopes are like embers lying around inside a firebed and
Your mind is a firewalker, it steps on them like they are dead but

I can grow
In spite of all you know
You might not recognize me tomorrow
Yes I can change
In spite of all they say
Become something strange and beautiful
Like joy, like joy
(Liz Phair – “Firewalker”)

…I’m not sure why I wrote this. I guess I just hope someone who reads this will be encouraged.


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