>Yes and No, and a lot of science metaphors

>I picked up a note that had been left on the stairs in my department building this week (because I never learned as a child not to pick up things left by strangers!). On the outside, it read, “Will you make the decision to pick me up?” and inside the author had written, “To say yes to one instant, is to say yes to all of existence.”

For most of my life until now, I’ve been saying No. No, I can’t come hang out. No, I don’t want to go to the prayer meeting. No, I can’t go on a missions trip. No, I don’t know who God is or what He wants for me, at least not really. And I’ve also been saying Yes. Yes, you can tell me how I should and should not feel. Yes, I will believe the lies you tell me about myself. Yes, I will let you decide what I wear and what I eat. Yes, I will take responsibility for your feelings, but not my own.

I’ve had to learn a new set of Yeses and Nos since coming into a personal and devoted relationship with God. Sometimes I am to say Yes to things I am to say No to the next day. This doesn’t mean that God is fickle or inconstant, rather He is so majestically the same that in my own endless frenzy of activity, I am always overshooting and coming back to center, like a sine wave. People criticize God for being too harsh and too lenient, too big and too small, too pessimistic and too optimistic, too restrictive and too lax…but maybe that means He is the norm past which we are constantly swinging like some mad pendulum. (This is a concept I borrowed from a chapter in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy that forever changed the way I see God and myself.) One day I hope to reach a sort of equilibrium with God in which I track with Him more steadily, not saying Yes or No too much or too little. Homeostasis, the steady-state, in which an organism is truly healthy and best able to grow and reproduce.

For the world we live in, it is not possible to say yes to all of existence, because not all existence is right, but there will be such a world one day. To say yes to one instant, when God calls us to Him, is indeed to say yes to all existence, that is in Him. Will you say Yes?


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