>Street Smarts

>I lived an object lesson on Wednesday while I was driving to visit my fall placement school. The road I was driving was under heavy construction and it was hard to see the street signs. I saw a sign reading Clime Rd Detour, and I knew Clime was past Briggs, which was the road I was looking for, so I turned around before the stoplight. The next road I came to was Eakin, which I knew was before Briggs, so I was extremely confused. I stopped at a Kroger store to ask directions, and the clerk told me that the next stoplight–the one I had turned around at–was, in fact, Briggs. The sign meant Briggs was the detour for Clime. If I hadn’t turned back too soon, I would have saved myself about ten minutes of going in circles.

Right away I realized God was reminding me not to give up right before I get where I’m going. I’m conflict-avoidant, so I usually just run away. You’d be hard-pressed to accuse me of being stubborn because I grew up with a parent whose M.O. often seemed to be, “My way, or the high way.” But I guess I just need to trust my Directions to get me where I need to go. I know this is a general lesson, but there is also a specific situation currently that this might apply to, but I haven’t gotten directions for that yet except to wait…


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