>I am hopelessly behind in blogging, so I won’t bother trying to catch up the past two and a half weeks. School started and with it came all the hullaballoo of Welcome Week, and that is the primary reason I haven’t written more. It was admittedly stressful and I probably didn’t cope with it as well as I could have, but there is always grace and a new day tomorrow.

Last night I started writing a fictionalized account of my first relationship, but I began from the perspective of my wedding. That was a little scary to put down on paper, but I’ve found that writing is a handy way to “download” thoughts that are eating at me and this time was no different. In the story Mary Jane is getting married in the fall even though her favorite season is spring because that is when the trees are the most colorful. As I was writing, I realized the profoundness of that truth. The most arguably beautiful season in the forest precedes the bleak winter when there are no leaves at all. The rich green chlorophyll must fade in a sort of death in order for the flaming zeaxanthins and carotenoids to come through. (Don’t worry, I don’t write like this in the story!)

Perhaps the central tenet of Christianity is to show how death can enrich life. It’s not just knowing that our time is limited and we must make the most of our time on earth. It’s letting the old self die with Christ so that the new self can live. Each season of my life seems to bring this cycle of something dying to make way for something to be born, which I still struggle to remember sometimes. But it’s comforting to know that, in many respects, death is not the end of the journey.


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