>Why I Never Do "Work" the First Week of the Semester

>Subtitle: Why I Sometimes Hate Snow Days

We ended up having a 2.75-day school week, which is not the best way to start out a new semester, in my opinion.  (To their credit, thought, my new kiddos actually did a pretty good job of staying focused…maybe there will be cookies for them!)  There’s a lack of continuity that bugs me because the kids and I haven’t had a chance to gel real well yet, but I know that will come in time.  I’m just impatient to get going, I guess!

The other thing that has made this week seem a bit like Groundhog Day is the constant fluctuation in my enrollments.  On Tuesday I started out with 24 and 22 officially enrolled in my two classes.  By Friday, I had 26 and 17.  Did I mention that my room currently only has seating for 24?  Fortunately, 2 of the kids on my official roster for that class are on home instruction or the alternative program, so we are at exact capacity for the time being.  The ones who were pulled out of my last period class failed physical science last semester and are repeating the course.  I’ve only had one of my failures from last semester show up again, and I’m hoping that if he’s with us the whole semester (he spent the first two months in JDC) he’ll do better.

Then there are absences from illness or the weather, and all in all, it’s just been one crazy little week trying to get everyone off the ground with our shiny new Netbooks (more to come on those hopefully tomorrow) and just sort of plugged in to our emerging class culture.  On Monday I want to go over the idea of CRED again and appoint the first class officers.  I’ve held off on printing attendance rosters because, oh yeah, I’m still not entirely sure who’s in which class!


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