>Donors Choose

>In the current atmosphere of backlash against teachers and public employees, it is nice to know that there are people out there who still care about education and educators.  DonorsChoose.org is a place where teachers can post wish lists of supplies they need/want, and anyone can make donations to different projects.  The only caveat is that teachers who get their projects funded need to show evidence of their supplies in use and have their students write thank-you notes to the donors.

In January, I posted a request for Wisconsin fast plant seeds, 3:1 and 1:2:1 tobacco seeds, and an ABO blood typing simulation kit.  The responses I got were touching, and some of my friends and colleagues donated too!
“I gave to this project because I want to encourage more active participation in science. It’s fun and I have enjoyed my career in it.”

“I gave to this project because me and my husband both went to Lima Senior and our children will go there someday. We want to help give kids in our area the best education possible. I hope our little contribution helps.”

“I gave to this project because Miss Du is an amazing and inspiring teacher!”

“I gave to this project because instructors like Ms. D have had an immeasurable impact on my life. I want to do what I can to see that others get to have the same great experiences I was able to have.”

“I helped because I’m a strong believer in Health & Life Science education.”

“I gave because this dedicated teacher’s description of the project makes clear that the school has a good strategic plan for learning science in a hands-on way under committed leadership. “

Sounds like I have a lot to live up to!  We’ve done the blood typing already and started the tobacco seeds germinating before spring break.  I’m trying to figure out what to do with the Fast Plants now, and I’m somewhat afraid that my penchant for killing whatever I try to grow will again rear its ugly head!  I’m thinking about using the Bottle Biology system to grow the plants and give the students a chance to see ecology in action.  We made the bottle ecosystems last semester, sort of on a whim, but I think with a bit more preparation we could really make some neat stuff happen.

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