Candy Land!

So I still had about five or six bags of candy melts left over from the cake balls I made for KevArika in January (I have a terrible/non-existent sense of scaling recipes), and I wanted to use them up without having to buy a bunch of other supplies or food.  My brother is having his senior recital this weekend, and my mom was trying to think of something to give away as favors.  The recital hall doesn’t allow food on site, so it would have to be something guests could take with them.

After some research, I ended up going to Jo-Ann’s with Liz on Sunday and picking up two candy molds in truffle and star shapes.

The molds are clear plastic, neither dishwasher nor microwave-safe, so I think they are meant to be limited-use ponies.

If I were super ambitious, I would have done some sort of truffle filling but…it is summer, I am lazy, and this week is actually pretty much scheduled to the gills as I attempt to catch up with half the city of Columbus in a week’s time.  So I just did solid candies.  With the candy melts, you can either microwave them or use a double boiler, which I don’t have, so microwave it was.  (I could improvise one, but getting even a little bit of water into the melts causes them to seize and I just didn’t want to deal with it.)

Fill me up (fill me up), candy cup, baby...

I just used two spoons to fill the molds.  A pastry bag and tip also works and you could microwave the melts straight in the bag.  But my cake-decorating supplies are 80 miles away, ergo…spoons.  When the molds are full, tap them on the counter a couple times to force the air bubbles out.  I’m not sure what happens if air bubbles stay in the candy, but it’s probably something akin to nuclear winter so you should do it.

Pop them in the freezer or refrigerator to cool.  The bottoms should look completely frosted over before turning them out.  Like zis…

I am making these in green, light blue, vanilla and chocolate.  The colored ones are vanilla flavored and tend to have a thicker consistency when melted than plain vanilla.  But they all smooth out nicely in the end.

I’ll post some more pics after I do all the colors and package them.

Update: All done!

All done!


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