Oomingmack Odyssey Part II:

(I know this post is like three weeks late, but…that’s fairly typical around here.)

After felting the slippers, I had to assemble the many, many bits and pieces that were to be added on.  This included two heads, four ears, two pairs of horns, and lots and lots of yarn loops for the shaggy hair.  The instructions were less clear after this point, so I did what iNtuitives do best and made it up as I went.

The instructions told me to shape, stuff, and attach the heads before putting the ears on, which was a terrible idea because the heads became impossible to manipulate once placed on the slippers.  The folds that formed the nose took a few tries to get right, but once I got Lucy right, Titus was easy.


In order to cut the hanks of yarn to form the fur, I was supposed to unwind the skein and simply cut it in quarters/eighths.  Unfortunately, I shop at Hobby Lobby, not a fancy-schmancy yarn boutique, so my yarn was most definitely not in a skein…it was in a log.  (No, that is not the technical term and I don’t particularly care.)  So I had to unwind the log and then sort of wind it again in a giant loop around the backs of two chairs.  Then I could cut it into quarters and eighths.  Grabbing bundles of five, I’d fold the hank in half and sew it to the slipper.  About five hours later (total working time…I think it was a few days before I actually finished)…

Naked no more!

They are altogether too large for me, but I think Lucy and Titus will act as my litmus test for potential suitors:

  1. Will he consent to wearing them on appropriate occasions?
  2. Does he accept the need for me to make ridiculous things out of yarn?
  3. Does he accept my tendency to give ridiculous things made of yarn names and personalities?

Any answers “no” need not apply…


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