Dumpling in a Teapot

I learned the absolute best Chinese idiom from Pastor Zhang last week:

“dumpling in a teapot”







Obviously, a dumpling is way too big to go through the spout of a teapot.  Therefore, a dumpling in a teapot is pretty much stuck there.

The dumpling of my Essence is trapped in the teapot of my personality. [paraphrasing enneagram theory for the chopsticks-and-soy-sauce set]

I kind of really want to rename my blog “dumpling a teapot.”

The End.


2 thoughts on “Dumpling in a Teapot

  1. titania.bard says:

    I’ve renamed blogs more than once–and my son spent ages waiting to start his blog until he had the right name. He finally settled on The Droning Inquisition, which amuses me greatly. So if it’s time to re-invent, a blog name is as good a symbolic gesture as any.

  2. Anna says:

    DO it.

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