At the risk of sounding needlessly Ecclesiastic…

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that I am hot, cranky, and hormonally unbalanced, and that I have therefore taken complete leave of my rationality.  My irony levels are also dangerously high.  Watch me care.

“Meaningless! Meaningless!”
says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.”

(I should start off the school year with this quote, huh?)

I sat in on a Bio 113 lecture today since I will be interviewing next week for an Advisor/Lecturer position in the Center for Life Sciences Education at OSU, which basically entails the introductory bio courses.  I don’t know how much lecturing I’d be responsible for, but I thought I should at least get a feel for what it is like, especially since I never took the intro bio series myself many moons ago.

About five minutes into the lecture,  a little voice in my head started wailing in despair, “This is exactly what you tried to teach this year!  To teenagers who were, variously, impoverished, malnourished, incarcerated, functionally illiterate, learning disabled, attention-deficit, or just plain ridiculous!  WHY ARE THEY STILL TEACHING THE SAME THING?!”

A few hypotheses:

Hypothesis A: What I tried to teach was too high-level and belonged more appropriately in a college-level course.  Rejoinder: That’s what the motherflippin’ standards told me to teach.  Don’t get me started on the motherflippin’

Hypothesis B: The little ones, no matter how well “prepared” for college, forget everything immediately after the exam (and sometimes before), and thus must be retaught the same thing repeatedly. Upshot: Is what we’re teaching really important, then?  And are we teaching it the right way? (Answer to both: Probably not.)

Hypothesis C: Both A and C are true.



2 thoughts on “At the risk of sounding needlessly Ecclesiastic…

  1. Anna says:

    Mmm… yes. Well I’ve found now that I’m about to graduate college that I remember literally nothing of my history, science, or math classes. It was all just to get to the next level of what i want to do (essentially take AP, IB, and SAT tests).

  2. melissa says:

    ^ wonderful that our lives are reduced to a handful of tests that determine significant chunks of our futures.

    obviously, this is big head. too big for 99% of high school heads.

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