Fun with Skye and the sky

I got my new camera on Friday, and I am absolutely enchanted.  The Olympus I requisitioned from my dad had only one working lens which was a telephoto, so it is quite magical for me to have an angle of view greater than 2 degrees.  (I exaggerate…slightly.)  It is also extremely nice to be able to hold the camera in my natural grip and not worry about mashing the white balance button by accident and having to toggle out of a mess of menus.  I ended up getting a Nikon because it’s the only brand of decent DSLR with which I have spent any significant amount of time, so getting reaccustomed to the layout of the camera body wasn’t too hard.  My high school photography class helped a lot too by laying a foundational understanding of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.

I’d been wanting to go to one of the two airports that surround my life to shoot the airplanes, and this being Sunday, I trundled over to the OSU Airport to take Nikita for a spin, having never been there before.  I half expected someone to swoop over and tell me to stop taking pictures, but apparently the university airport is not a sufficient national security concern to warrant an orange alert.  Oh wait, neither is Port Columbus.  But tell that to TSA.

It was a pretty slow day at Don Scott, so I only got to see one plane land, but there were some extremely impressive cumulonimbus calvi on the western horizon.

At the first drop of rain, I hustled back inside just in time to avoid being drenched by the excrement of said cumulonimbi.  LPIE and I then went to meet up with my friend Skye at Union in the Short North, where the ratio of people sexually oriented toward me rather than Skye was approximately 99 to 1.  Of course I had to be obnoxious and snap pictures of strangers, but fortunately, Nikita is very quiet and ninja-like.  Unlike the Olympus, which sounds approximately like a guillotine cutting through a pumpkin.

And speaking of ninjas, we realized that the vacant lot behind which we parked is actually home to some extremely plump wooden ninja figures.  Someday I will come back during the day and photograph them in all their rotund glory, but here is an extremely grainy shot of these delightful beings.

I also learned this weekend that I will probably be the worst day-care/pre-school mother of all time.  When I’m apart from Nikita for more than a few hours, I get separation anxiety and immediately upon returning have to rush  to the camera case and make sure she is real and that everything is still intact. [sigh] I really wish I didn’t have allergies so I could expend my considerable nurturing energies on something animate.  But instead I am a teacher, so I can expend my considerable nurturing energies on coaxing my recalcitrant tiny humans to act like something resembling a young adult.  First day with my classes tomorrow…finally!  Still mildly terrified that I will somehow screw up royally, but I think that will disappear when I step into my classroom.


One thought on “Fun with Skye and the sky

  1. Jessica says:

    I love that you called rain “cloud excrement.” Charming.

    Also, fake boobies??

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