A busy day

Today after school, I:

  • played “Zip Zap Zop” with the school’s brand-spanking new theater club
  • got my flu shot
  • returned my library books
  • mailed a letter and present to a friend
  • deposited checks at the bank
  • bought groceries
  • visited the yarn store and bought completely impractical hot pink yarn
  • did yoga for 75 minutes
  • had dinner at my parents’ house
  • managed to retrieve every item that I needed to get from home

All with the help of Google calendar and one epically long event description for 3:30-5:30 today.  I don’t know how anyone can live without some sort of planner system, though I know somewhere out there are people who do.  (They’re called Perceptives in Myers-Briggs theory.  I just call them insane.)

But I also paused on my way out of my doctor’s office at a rather abandoned-looking stretch of train tracks that were labeled Ohio Railway Museum.  I was somewhat afraid that I was trespassing, and not really into the whole mildly-cliched industrial decay aesthetic, so I just grabbed a few shots before speeding on to my next mission.  I was going to write something profound and allegorical about how we are surrounded by life unnoticed…but I decided that would be too pretentious.  So I’ll just end with the stats of this shot:

  • Focal Length: 42mm
  • Exposure Time: 1/80
  • F-stop: 7.1
  • Aperture priority
  • Matrix metering
  • Autofocus because I’m lazy




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