Stephen & Danielle “Engagement” Shoot

Last Sunday I shot my first portrait session with my friend Danielle and her husband Stephen.  I’ve known both individuals longer than either has known the other, and it is with just a hint of smugness that I say they would never have met were it not for me.  (Ignore kindly the fact that I initially chased Stephen away with a large metaphorical stick.)  Danielle and I were classmates in high school and college (a term used loosely at a school of 50,000, but we actually did have some of our introductory English classes together) and Stephen came to OSU as a missionary associate with Chi Alpha campus ministries.

I should probably admit that my initial reaction to their dating and subsequent engagement translates roughly to, “Zuh???”, indicative of my continual amazement at the attraction of opposites. (To quote one of Danielle’s friends, “You’re marrying a young-earth creationist???”)  Their wedding in March was small but fun and relatively drama-free, and represented Maid-of-Honor Round 3 for myself.  (It was shortly after this that I decided to work on official Wedding Planner certification.)  When I got my new camera a few months ago, I found out that Stephen and Danielle had never had engagement pictures taken, and so last week we decided to remedy that.

Our sites were the Columbus Metropolitan Library Main Branch and the adjoining Topiary Park, as well as Weinland Park in the inter-campus/Short North area, which is where they first met at an outreach event for our church.  (Again: credit, yours truly.)  The weather was beautiful, my subjects were great sports, and the only disappointment was that we couldn’t find the Kama Sutra to pose with in the library. (Although the religious section we ended up in was almost as entertaining.)

Apparently Stephen still has nightmares about this happening...


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