All in the Family

A few weeks ago my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.  In keeping with how we do things around here, my brother treated us all to lunch on campus with his meal plan.  (They also went to dinner together the next day, don’t worry.)  Then we had a photoshoot on campus.

While I was home for Thanksgiving, we took a few more family pictures with the help of self-timer and a very flimsy tripod that had me fearing for Nikita’s safety.  But in the end, all was well and I got some pretty nice shots.

Finally, I took a few pictures of my brother on Saturday after we hacked around in the basement looking for Christmas decorations and instead found his prodigious collection of Legos.

My family has been really supportive throughout this whole job-jettison thing and are encouraging me by making me soup, buying me a full-spectrum lamp, taking me out to play, and pushing fish oil capsules at me.  After a few days of their company, though, I did find myself wishing they’d treat me less like a crazy/invalid/tiny person and more like a twenty-something adult making some changes, but I suppose I’d rather have “too” supportive than not at all.  As much as I complain about my family, I know they always have my back and that’s really important.  [Another sign that I’ve been through a seismic shift…I find it difficult, if not impossible, to write my customary mush.  Ha.]


2 thoughts on “All in the Family

  1. Anna says:

    cute, love the third picture!

  2. Jessica says:

    Such. A. Cute. Family.

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