On to the Next One

“Before long, what I had initially thought was ‘time filler’ became the next chapter of my life.”

Again, I was a bad English major and failed to cite my source! I copied this into my journal on the last day of school last year, after reflecting on what I wanted to be and do, little knowing that in six months my life would look so very different.
I just accepted a position as an associate photographer with Mia Jade Wedding Photojournalism, and I am booking portrait and event sessions on my own as well. I am going on another FAMinar with the Association of Bridal Consultants to do some more networking and learn about the industry, and will try to connect with a consultant with whom I can intern for awhile. I am reheating my Mary Kay consultant work from when I put it on ice earlier in the fall. And behind all this I am writing as though my life depends on it, nothing lengthy, just blog posts and such. I don’t expect to carry on all of these endeavors indefinitely since history has shown that I am not nearly as good a multitasker as I assume I am.

Revisiting the rule of three posited by my colleague last year, what three things do I want to spend the majority of my time doing well? Having actually explored some different options this time, right now the answer is: participate in church life, take photos, and write. That may change in time and I think I am better able to understand and accept that fluidity now than I was before. But for now, this is what I most want to do, and I pray that I may do so well.


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