Take Three

So, because not-so-deep down I am actually a corny Caucasian soccer mom in training, I subscribe to these Daily Health Challenge e-mails, and usually they’re goofy things like do 20 calf raises or give a mouse a cookie, but today’s actually did make me think a little.

Picture yourself 3 months from today and write down 3 words that describe the future you.

I like to think that I already have everything I need and want inside me, but I have to own it more.  So in 3 months, that is April 4, 2012, I should like to be more:

  • Peaceful. Because I feel loads better than I did even a month ago, I sometimes forget that I am still coming off a fairly stressful period in which I left, acquired, and left again two jobs, started and ended a relationship, moved one and a half times, and generally threw my life in a blender. So the anxiety that creeps up as I reverse that downward spiral sometimes surprises me with its intensity, but if I can remember that it, too, will pass, then hopefully I can make it to a place of true peace, if only for a little while.
  • Thankful. Right now I have high hopes for the present and future, and it seems logical that in 3 months I will have much for which to be grateful. (Even if those hopes do not come to fruition as I expect, right?)  The key will be remembering.
  • Engaged. (No, not that kind.) I would like to continue deepening my existing relationships while broadening my heart to include new friends and communities.  I think to a certain extent I still have a finite amount of relational capacity, but I’m sure that capacity is rather greater than what I had always believed it to be.

The general gist is that I want to see how quickly God can move things about if I will just get the hell out of His (and my) way.  That scares me still, but not as much as it used to…


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