Future Perfect

About a month ago, Alex Beadon posted about where she wanted to be in five years. Before I could lose my nerve, I wrote one too but never got around to sharing. And in the last few weeks I have found just enough hope and joy to consider revisiting this exercise in a little more detail.  She wrote in third person, but I decided to totally freak myself out and write from the I.

I am almost thirty…who would believe it? I have come out of the tumultuous years of my twenties a woman of greater faith, hope, and love than I was before. I have learned to trust myself, others, and God through all circumstances. I have learned to be content without losing my ability to see the potential in any person or situation. I am a mentor to young women, and I still stay in touch with the Phenomenal Women in my life. My mother and I are friends, especially now that my husband and I are expecting our first child and I am preparing for a huge helping of karma if my child turns out to be a drama queen like me. Being married has taught me to sacrifice and receive and to hold lightly. My husband is my partner and best friend; we shoot together, cook together, read together, write together, dance together, and laugh like idiots as often as possible.  My days are spent capturing the beauty of people and nature and telling life’s amazing stories. We probably won’t travel as much once the baby arrives, but to be honest I am rather looking forward to tummy time, Mommy and Me yoga, and knitting stupid amounts of tiny clothing. For now and ever, I choose love.


One thought on “Future Perfect

  1. melissa says:

    you should send this to yourself (and it’ll arrive 5 years from now)

    because you know you love that cringey feeling you get from reading your own writing from the past

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