The time has come, the walrus said

This has gone on long enough…over two and a half years now, and I don’t want to see that become two and a half decades. It’s time to be honest, because hiding has done me no favors. Do I believe that throwing myself into the light, hot and blinding as it may be, is what I ultimately need?

Day 0

What Do We Need?

Each of us suffering with or recovering with an Eating Disorder may feel deep down that there is something we are missing within ourselves, or something that we need from someone that we aren’t getting. (love, friendship, attention, independence, understanding, validation, etc. etc.)

Who is it you need something from? Is it yourself or someone else (if someone else tell us who — your friends, a family member, your father or mother, a spouse, etc.)?

I need something from myself, my parents, and my friends.

What is it you think you need?

I know that I need to accept myself for who I am without losing sight of the best self I am becoming. I think I need my parents to express their love and approval and affection more openly. I know I need my friends to listen and speak truth in my life when I can’t see and hear it for myself. And I think I need a man to find me beautiful.

Name three or more constructive ways you can get what you need!

  • I can journal about the positive things I am learning about myself.
  • I can accept and respect my need to introspect.
  • I can practice conscious gratitude.
  • I can open up to friends about my struggles.
  • I can seek safe company when being alone is overwhelming or unsafe.
  • I can give myself credit for doing–or trying–any of the above and other healthy coping mechanisms I have learned over the years.

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