The Thorn

I can’t claim credit for today’s tidbit of wisdom…I write only to serve as a reminder to myself and possibly a conduit to others. From the yoga instructor tonight at PAI Yoga:

Imagine you have a thorn in your arm, stuck there. That is your inner disturbance. There are two ways to approach this thorn. You can try to avoid it. When you go for a walk in the park, you can cut down all the tree branches to ensure that they do not hit your arm where the thorn is and cause you pain. You can go to the market very early in the morning or very late at night, so that crowds of people do not jostle the thorn. When you love someone, you can worry about how you are going to share a bed with them in such a way that they do not bump the thorn in your arm. You can choose to live your life around the thorn.

Or you can press the thorn deeper for a moment, and pull it out.

Oof. Sometimes God whispers…and sometimes He speaks in the softly lisping voice of your yoga instructor. Trying to decide what to do with my thorn…


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