Making It Work

Have I, without realizing it, “made it”? At least twice in the last month or so, someone has told me they are inspired by my journey out of the classroom toward something else. Frankly, that’s a little surprising to me because by any standards that I grew up with, I am still deep in the process of making a complete mess out of my life. I don’t work full time, I’m not using any of my degrees, I have no long-term plan, no health insurance or benefits, none of the accouterments of a big-girl job.

But I’m pursuing my dreams, I’m doing things my way, I’m having the grand adventure, and I’ve walked away from more than one harmful situation. I’m wrestling with depression and generally winning. I’ve bounced back from defeat and despair, and I have greater faith to show for it. So I guess–yes!–I have made it.


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