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Boys and Girls Together

My friends Beth and Corey got married this weekend, and I’d like to say a few things.

  1. This union should count as a second-generation match facilitated by yours truly, because Danielle came to church with me two years ago and met her husband there and subsequently brought her friend Corey who then met his wife.

    Their first dance, to "Where I Land," is possibly the most beautiful first dance I've ever seen.

  2. This was the first wedding I’ve been to since 2007 where I didn’t have to do anything!  No tying rings and ribbons onto programs, no cursing at the printer, no rehearsal-night meltdowns, no clipping thorns off roses, no taping balloons to hanky-panky-mobiles, no 8-hour cake ball marathon…and to be honest, I kind of missed being involved, but it was certainly nice to be able to just…attend.  And wear ridiculous shoes.

    You know you live in a house full of women when...

  3. “It’s really great when your friends marry your friends, and when your friends are friends with your friends…basically, it’s just awesome!”  My favorite part about weddings is the way it brings people together, not just the couple but the people who love them and each other.  Sarah and Madeline came back into town and it felt almost like undergrad again. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…when one or both are around, the world spins just a little bit straighter.

    I've declared this to be a new tradition until every foot in the picture is married...

  4. The inspiration for this picture came from a conversation at the Good Neighbors Picnic when someone asked Beth who her then-fiance was.  “He’s the one in the gray shirt, jeans, glasses.  Er, wait.  No, the other one.”  That’s when we noticed the striking resemblance among our three tall, dark, skinny Continuum boys.  I would be tempted to follow that pattern, but I think my insatiable melanin-balancing instinct will inevitably lead me back to the blondes.

"We can't help it that we all like tall, dark, bespectacled younger men!"

Even though Beth and Corey have quite a few friends in common through church, it was fairly obvious who was with the bride and who was with the groom.  The bride’s friends were exuberant, dance-happy females (toting accessory significant others when applicable), and the groom’s friends were math students who played board games.  I guess opposites really do attract, huh?

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